New!!! Watch Plead Guilty's - Museum Day Video Teaser


The song is now available as a free download. And so is the Extended Version.  Yeah! no catch, no email needed. Just Free. But if you insist and want to support us, you can buy it from the iTunes Store as well.

Imagine if you could take a picture of yourself everyday and line them one by one, all along the way. Then there will come a day, just before being cast away, where you will revisit the story of your days. That's your Museum Day. Now, would you be proud or ashamed? 

Inspired and authorized by John P. Strelecky, author of best seller Big Five for Life, Plead Guilty presents its first release titled Museum Day, an emotive and uplifting rock song written by Marc Bourbonni√®re and Patrick Bisaillon  with amazing orchestrations and vocal arrangements. 

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