New!!! Watch Plead Guilty's - Museum Day Video Teaser


How About Two Excerpts of the Song?

[version française plus bas]

As many of you know by now, Museum Day (provisional title) has been recorded. The band is not yet ready to release the song but Plead is already planning the next studio session.

How about we give you a new excerpt of the song AND as a bonus we also give you back the same excerpt as last time but instead of the demo track, this time it's the real thing. Sounds like a deal? Here it is. 

Stay tuned for the Making of, which will feature behind the scene studio footage.

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Comme plusieurs le savez déjà, l'enregistrement de Museum Day (titre provisoire) est terminé. Par contre, le groupe n'est pas prêt à sortir la chanson. Sachez toutefois que Plead est déjà en train de planifier sa prochaine session en studio.

Que diriez-vous d'un nouvel extrait ET en bonus nous vous redonnons le même extrait que la dernière fois sauf cette fois-ci, il ne sera pas tiré de la maquette, mais bien de l'enregistrement chez Studios Piccolo.

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Studio Dates and a Demo Excerpt

It was announced a few weeks ago when we launched the web site but now it's official!! Plead Guilty will be recording their first release at Studio Piccolo on May 2nd and 3rd. We are very excited by this first project where the song will be featured at the end of a movie documentary. And yes, it will also be available on the iTunes Store and possibly this very web site. Expect an amazing emotive and uplifting rock song with vocal arrangements and orchestrations that will blow your mind.

Just as a teaser that would hopefully pique your curiosity, today we are releasing a short excerpt of the demo track (see bottom of this post). Hope you guys like it!

Keep in touch for more on the studio session as we will be sharing the experience with everyone via our Facebook page and Twitter.

This is just the beginning.


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